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nouvelle-cuisine-500-333The « Nouvelle Cuisine » developed after some of the young cooks decided to shake the dogmas of « Haute Cuisine ».

Here are some of the characteristics of this « revolutionary » movement : Choosing rather to steam cook, en papillotte or in a bain-marie (double boiler), Opting for lightness, especially when making sauces, Using fresh produces, selected by the chefs themselves at the market, just before serving them, Adapting your menus according to the market choice, Adding the spices in small touches so as to enhance the savor of the produce they serve, And taking good care of the presentation and visual of the dishes.

Miramar’s chef is one of the « Nouvelle Cuisine » adepts, to which he adds his own personal touch.

« When asked what type of cuisine I like, I immediately think of the tastes my grandparents and parents made me discover with their delicious and generous dishes of corsican and italian origins. »

And thus, daily, we enjoy his dishes, with their touch of mediterranean influences, their generosity, as well as the various spices and products of the sun, together with the conviviality which characterizes the South and Marseille.

How wonderful to please others while pleasing oneself !

Miramar History

Bought by the Minguella brothers in 1965, the business quickly became a gastronomic restaurant. Specialized in seafood...

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Bouillabaisse Cooking Lessons

For those who wish to know all the secrets of the authentic Bouillabaisse, Miramar organizes cooking lessons in their own kitchen.

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